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    An introduction to Hunan Ying Meizi

    Tea Development Co., Ltd


    ?Ļ????Ρ???Ҷ??????????ũҵ?ۺϿ????????ҵΪ???壬???е????л????Ҷ????Ϊԭ?ϣ??????ӹ?????ë?⡢??衢??Ҷ???͡?Hunan Ying Meizi Tea Development Co., Ltd, established in Nov., 2010 with a registered capital of 10 million RMB Yuan, has been engaged in growing, processing and marketing of tea products, culture-oriented traveling, tea seed oil production as well as comprehensive agricultural development, producing and processing Guzhang Maijian(luxury tea), black tea and tea seed oil. 

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    Ying Meizi now boasts a whole production chain:

    1. 1000 mu(67 hectares) ECOCERT Standard demonstration tea garden; 4700 mu(313 hectares) old tea tree garden;

    2. Key products put on market: Ying Meizi Kongfu black tea, Ying Meizi Guzhang Maojian, Ying Meizi black brick tea and Ying Meizi tea seed oil.

    3. Digital dustless production line (200 tons per year) for black and green tea;

    4. Dining table tea oil production line (200 tons per year);

    5. Manual operation production line (for new product development and cultural heritage protection);

    6.QualityInspectionCenter(for testing sensory index, chemical index and product quality control);

    7. Tea-picking (harvesting) crew.



    The company applies experience-teaching marketing approaches to combine countryside travel with tea industry such as online to offline, factory to customer and countryside e-commerce.

    Ying Meizi sticks to a development mode of quality carries up brand, brand carries up industry, industry carries up a leading enterprise and enterprises carries up individual famers. The management tenet then would be: protecting tradition and historical culture, realizing ??green?? development and ecological well-being of the people.


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